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YT x Peaty's bicycle cleaning kit
YT x Peaty's bicycle cleaning kit

  • 504396
€69.90 instead of €79.90

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YT x Peaty's bicycle cleaning kit


In Stock

€69.90 instead of €79.90

Prices incl. VAT - shipping costs

In Stock

Look after your ride, and it will look after you! This YT x Peaty's kit is an all-inclusive choice for keeping your steed spotless and running silky smooth. The combination of Peaty's Loam Foam and Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser cut through grime to quickly lift even the worst crud, leaving you with that new-bike-day feeling, wash after wash.

A selection of brushes provides a range of options to blitz away mud from even hard-to-reach areas, and the all-weather LinkLube penetrates deep into the chain to drive out moisture. The tough carrycase is constructed from recycled plastic and built to last, while the bamboo cleaning cloth is ultra-absorbent. So, no more excuses for having a dirty bike!



- Everything you need to keep your bike in its prime

- The high-strength formulas are biodegradable, limiting their environmental impact



- Selection of scratch-free brushes to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas

- All-weather LinkLube to keep your drivetrain fresh

- Foaming Drivetrain degreaser powers through built-up gunk on your cassette, derailleur, and chain

- Loam Foam is a professional-grade, biodegradable cleaner, safe for use on all surfaces

- Bamboo cleaning cloth is antimicrobial & hypo-allergenic

- The heavy-duty toolbox features an aluminum handle & removeable parts tray



Cool: There's nothing worse than bleeding knuckles; the angled drivetrain brush keeps your hands safely away from sharp chainrings and cassettes!



1 x 1-Liter Loam Foam

1 x 500ml Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

1 x 60ml LinkLube All-Weather

1 x Bog Brush

1 x Drivetrain Brush

1 x Bamboo Bicycle Cleaning Cloth

1 x Heavy duty toolbox with removable parts tray


Art. Nr. 504396