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Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedal
Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedal
Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedal
Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedal

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Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedal


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Prices incl. VAT - shipping costs

In Stock

The Mallet E pedals by Crankbrothers are the ultimate contact point between your feet and your YT. They are lightweight for demanding climbs, yet sturdy for technical and fast descents. The removable traction pads optimize the shoe/pedal interface and are adjustable to the shoe and your personal preference via spacers under the cleats. The concave platform delivers a secure foothold while the ribbed body and chamfered edges allow for better traction when unclipped and the reduction of rock-strikes. The four-sided entry makes it easy to click into, and with the double-sealed premium bearings, the Mallet E pedals only require low maintenance.


- fits every YT bike

- concave platform for secure foothold

- ribbed body for better traction when unclipped

- integrated traction pad technology to customize and optimize the shoe-to-pedal interface

- beveled edges to reduce rock strikes

- double sealed bearings

- 4-sided entry



- pedal body forged out of 6061-T6 aluminum

- spindle forged out of SCM 435 chromoly steel

- wings made of 17-4PH stainless steel

- springs made of 300 series stainless steel

- 6 adjustable pins per side for great grip

- 52 mm q-factor for maneuverability in tight trail sections

- release angle: 15° / 20° depending on how cleats are mounted

- weight: approx. 419g per pair



1x pair of Crankbrothers Mallet E pedals
1x pair of Crankbrothers premium brass cleats

Cool: Crankbrothers offers a 5-year warranty on defects in material and workmanship (from the date of purchase). For detailed warranty conditions, please visit their website or contact the manufacturer directly.

Art. Nr. 700788