27.5" or 29" wheels – the choice is yours.

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Downhill bikes are made to go big, rough, and fast. Race tracks or bike park: with a downhill bike, you’ll dominate the toughest tracks in the world. Uphill performance? Take the lift! We’re only talking about downhill here. For this reason, we developed our TUES together with the YT Mob. Objective: four World Cup and two World Champs titles.
‘Nuff said.

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„The Tues has been one of our benchmark bikes of all time.“

Steve Jones, Dirt 100 2015

27,5"/ 29"

The TUES is fast, aggressive, and capable. Which TUES suits you better depends on where and how you want to ride it.

The TUES 29
The TUES 29 is Vali Höll’s weapon of choice, with which she continued her title winning streak in 2019: another overall World Cup title in the bag and World Champion to cap it all off. The TUES 29 is longer and just a bit more progressive than the TUES 27. The bigger wheels have a need for speed and make the TUES 29 one of, if not the fastest downhill bike on the market. For that reason, we recommend the TUES 29 for experienced riders over 167 cm in size, who are aiming for the top step of the podium.

The TUES 27
The combination of modern geometry and 27.5-inch wheels makes the TUES 27 agile, reactive and easy to handle even for smaller riders. As three-time overall World Cup winner, the TUES 27 is every bit as race-worthy as the TUES 29, but it is also a more versatile gravity bike. Fast on the race track, stylish in the bike park and incredibly capable – it’s not for no reason that our team riders use it for the Fest Series and Rampage.

With four overall World Cup titles and two World Champion titles under its belt, the TUES is full of self-confidence. Our award-winning V4L kinematics provide for great sensitivity, well-defined mid-stroke support and perfectly tuned end-stroke progression to deliver incredible balance and grip. The TUES really sticks to the ground and follows the track like it was on rails.

Add in the distinctive pop of the rear end and the low center of gravity and you’re looking at a bike that offers the perfect mix of control and agility for everything from high speed to big jumps. In short: the TUES is the perfect downhill bike, whether you want to be first across the finish line or have the most fun outside of racing.

“The TUES 29 is the best partner I can imagine for the World Cup! It’s well rounded, comfortable and extremely stable, everything I need for full-on racing.”

"The YT TUES is honestly the best free ride weapon I've ever touched. With it's incredibly progressive frame design, it allows me to drop massive lines at Redbull Rampage, or just mess around on jump trails. With riding a small frame, it easily spins or flips. It really is the perfect freeride bike. "