June 06, 2018

YT Wear 2018


Making statements. You could say this is part of our mission – on and off our bikes. So it’s about time for us to release some fresh YT Wear items and send our style into the world. And since less is not always more we’re releasing two new basic lines with laid back styles that simply work. Both lines boast tailor-made cuts, clean color schemes and statement prints. Clothing that’s 100% YT. Well-thought-out details are testament to our passion for high quality products. From double-sided woven labels to detailed neck prints and hidden pockets: there is plenty of YT in every item – right down to the last fiber. 

YT Logo Collection

The YT Logo collection completes our brand relaunch with high quality basics that show what Young Talent stands for. Inspired by streetwear we have created a line with a clean color scheme and subtle design details such as the hidden pocket of our YT Logo Tech Sweater. The tailor-made cuts and high-quality materials we’ve selected provide a comfortable fit whatever you do. In a nutshell: basic items that make a statement and ensure you always look good - not matter how bad the hangover. 




YT08 Collection

Well, admittedly we are kind of high-fiving ourselves with the YT08 collection. YT has been established since 2008 which means we are celebrating our 10-year-anniversary this year. Happy Beersday to us! The YT08 logo is used for every single item of this line, whether front prints, woven labels or the detailed neck print. Urban lifestyle is the key – so we’ve kept to a clean black and white color-scheme: Design the YT way. Design that works. And you know it.

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