September 25, 2015

FREERIDE Readers Award

To all the riders out there: we want to thank you! It is you who use our products, who test them to the fullest, who give us suggestions and incentive to improve. You discover our strengths and our weaknesses, and whether you insult us or you praise us, you ultimately give us confirmation of where we are heading. Germany’s leading gravity magazine FREERIDE has for the past 14 years made available a survey by Delius Klasing Publishing into the behavior of its readers. This year, 33,000 participants were asked among other things about the brands they like and the accessories that are setting the trends. It was a moment of great pride for us when the results of the survey were presented during the Delius Klasing industry meeting at Eurobike and we learned that YT Industries had won the award for the Best Complete Bike Brand – believe it or not for the third time in a row! This award is worth more than any sales numbers or balance sheets! It shows us that we provide riders around the world – from the Australian outback to the Utah desert – something that not only complements their passion and their lifestyle but is also built to the highest quality standards. You understand it, you adopt it, and above all: you ride it! We could not be any more proud of our brand, yeah!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your great feedback, further incentive for us to work even harder and continue to develop ourselves. Ride on!