July 16, 2015

YT Industries - Now Also Apparel!

The demand from fans of our brand was huge, and our own staff also really wanted to bring out an in-house line of casual and riding gear. With no shortage of creativity and design expertise internally, the workshop soon got busy with fabrics, graphics, and cuts. Particularly at bike festivals and even at our own Demo Tour stops our fans and friends have been asking for apparel, so we decided that YT needs its own collection. Of course, the whole thing should not only look cool but also work well on the bike.

The result is just like a YT bike: stylish, functional, and with high quality. In addition to caps and hoodies, there is also a set of different t-shirts featuring motifs like Andreu Lacondeguy at Rampage, as well as a “Tech-Tee” range. Made from DriRelease® fabrics, Tech-Tee shirts are ideal for athletes in general and bike riders in particular. DriRelease is moisture repellent and draws sweat from the body surface to help keep you dry and regulate your body temperature. It dries 4 times faster than regular cotton, is wrinkle-free and resists pilling. Additionally, FreshGuard® technology is deployed in our Tech-Tee range to combat body odor and keep longer trail days from turning into a nightmare for the olfactory nerves. The Tech-Tee collection is soft on the skin, easy to maintain, and keeps its shape which makes it a perfect companion for longer bike trips or holidays.


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