February 11, 2019

Rolling Circus Demo Tour



The Circus rolls on!

Experience the full YT Industries range, in the wild, at either one of the World's biggest bike parks or your local trail centre. YT's Rolling Circus is being loaded and will be hitting 30 stops Worldwide between March and September.



Whether your local trails demand a JEFFSY, CAPRA or TUES, you will be able to test them in various sizes and specs, finding the best fit for you! It's an ideal opportunity to get advice, test bikes, and enjoy Good Times with the YT crew. Maybe you're contemplating between 27.5/29”, or you want to talk in depth about 2019 geometry changes, whatever your questions we will be able to answer them!




“So excited to test out the CAPRA and ended up riding the JEFFSY as well. Such a fun atmosphere, cannot wait for next year” – Rolling Circus - Customer 2018


What do you have to do to test ride your preferred YT?

Check out the Rolling Circus dates here . Make sure to bring your riding gear as well as your Derivers License and second ID and get ready to shred! Of course, participation is free of charge, and no prior registration is required, first come first serve. Just stop by and enjoy the Good Times. We look forward to introducing you to the rest of the YT family!







More information and updates can be found at our event site and throughout our social media.


Rolling Circus Stopps Europe




Rolling Circus Stopps North America





YT Rolling Circus FAQ:


Where do I find the dates and locations of the Rolling Circus teststop?

Either check out our homepage or events via YT's facebook account

What do I have to bring with me?

To test a YT you'll need to bring a photo ID (drivers license/ ID card) and at least a helmet. We do recommend to wear proper riding gear incl. protection.

Do I have to bring my own pedals?

If you are riding CLIPLESS PEDALS than YES, but we do have flat pedals at your disposal.

How long can I test ride the bike?

You can test the bike 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the location of the Rolling Circus demo stop.

Do I have to pay?

No, it's free of charge. We just need your ID as a deposit while testing the bike which you'll get back once you return the bike.

Is a reservation of a test bike required?

No, it's first come first serve.

Do I have to do the bike set up by my own?

No, you will get an individual bike set up done by one of our specialists

How many bikes can I test?

As much as you'd like. Just return the bike you have tested, get your ID back and get back in line.

Are there any restrictions?

Not really, but if you are under aged you'll need to bring an adult to rent a bike because of liability reasons.

Are there any special offers for Rolling Circus test riders?

Yes, after you'll have returned the bike you'll get some nice YT treats e.g. free shipping, free bike box and a cold beverage.