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Trails, bike parks or racing – the CAPRA is our jack-of-all-trades, flagship enduro bike. With our award-winning mountain goat, you’ll effortlessly scale any peak without your energy being wasted by the suspension. Once it’s time to go downhill, the CAPRA switches into beast-mode. It gets you out of your comfort zone and has you whoopin’ and hollerin’ even on the roughest terrain. Whether you choose the carbon or aluminum version, the CAPRA has plenty of reserves to let you calmly surf over the nastiest roots and the roughest rock gardens.

Bikefinder Enduro

„If ever there was an enduro bike guaranteed to improve your race times, it’s the CAPRA.“

MBR, May 2014

Whether you prefer to go wild on a carbon or an aluminum bike is something we leave completely up to you. The aluminum CAPRA is no less remarkable than its carbon buddy, because both versions are based on the same platform. However, aluminum is a less expensive material, so it offers all the bangs for less bucks compared to the carbon bike. Reliability and a lower starting price are factors that speak for our well-equipped aluminum models.

Of course we have also achieved high levels of stiffness and reliability during the development of our carbon frames. Using a monocoque production technique, the tube walls have been given extra thickness where required to stand up to the strong forces generated in critical areas. The carbon frames weigh significantly less than their aluminum counterparts, and form the basis for our PRO models, which also feature the finest components.

The CAPRA is an uphill climbing weapon with trail-friendly and neutral riding characteristics that also packs a mean punch on the downhills. During its development, we put extra focus on designing a perfectly synchronized interplay of frame kinematics, rear shock damping behavior, and spring force. The result is an enduro bike that delivers high performance with a killer design.

Our in-house developed Virtual 4 Link suspension system holds you up in the travel and reacts only when it’s supposed to, namely to overcome obstacles on the trail and not under the influence of pedaling forces. Both the aluminum and carbon versions score highly with stability, progressivity and an extremely sensitive response to rider input.

"No bullshit, no jokes, just riding!" Welcome to the world of Bryan Regnier. If you now think Bryan doesn’t know how to party-ride you’re completely wrong. Our Frenchie definitely has the loosest style in the Enduro World Series and is a true fan favorite. As a foster son of Cedric Gracia, Bryan knows how to combine GOOD TIMES and racing under one roof. The former motocross racer uses the CAPRA like a downhill bike to rip over huge jumps and drops… our goat easily handles the abuse!