You are into style and really want to hit the jackpot during a cash-for-tricks session? Sounds like you fit right into our dirt segment! We developed the perfect partner-in-crime for you, who definitely won’t let you down when you send it.

Our roots lie in dirtjumping and that’s why we put a lot of passion and development into our dirtjump bikes. For the steel frame of the DIRT LOVE, we resorted to a technique that is usually reserved for the construction of aluminum frames: hydroforming.

Integrated gussets add strength to the frame and its light weight makes it perfect for tricks and going big. Its little brother the FIRST LOVE convinces with a simple but super reliable CrMO steel frame and is the perfect companion for getting into the dirt business.

Bigger, higher, further: these are the attributes that describe Andreu’s riding style. Perhaps the best mountain bike rider in the world, definitely the one with the biggest balls. Every year, Andreu redefines the boundaries of the sport, as you would expect from somebody who is literally “Living on the edge”. This is also the reason that the TUES is the right bike for the Catalan: it shakes off the biggest hits of the FEST series and shows up at the next whip session ready to give 100%.

The French freeride professional lives for action sports and anything that gets his buzz going. He is addicted to the rush of linking up one insane trick after another. Yannick is known for his super-confident air-time. The light, playful and agile DIRT LOVE and Yannick’s excessive riding style are a match made in heaven.