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The new generation of the double overall World Cup winner – developed on the race track. Two years of World Cup racing feedback, suspension kinematics developed with the MOB, as well as a modern geometry concept that lets you choose your reach all contribute to once again making sure that the TUES has precisely the characteristics that form a winner.

Feedback from our Rampage superstars Cam Zink and Andreu Lacondeguy has also allowed us to create a bike that will continue to push the limits of freeriding well into the future.

The frame’s stiffness, the low center of gravity and the highly capable suspension come together to create the perfect machine for bike parks, rough trails, and high speed descents – the TUES is a bike you will immediately feel at home on.

Unrivalled traction, unlimited reserves of travel and a well-defined pop – the new TUES is a rare breed of animal, capable of combining active control and agility whether on the ground or in the air.

Everything you need. . The TUES frame kit in the liquid metal / black magic color combo comes complete with the enclosed headset (not pressed-in) and toolkit. The FOX Float X2 Factory shock, seatpost clamp, frame protectors and rear axle are all mounted already, so you can start building up your custom TUES right away. The installed parts correspond to the TUES CF Pro Race.

The frame. While designing the TUES we paid particular attention to synchronizing every suspension element to work together as one: frame kinematics, hydraulic damping curves, and spring force. The Virtual 4 Link suspension system is based on a low leverage ratio – and it's a major factor in giving the TUES its superior characteristics. A rapidly rising spring curve provides a lot of midstroke support: this creates more grip for turning and braking, and optimal use of travel on big jumps. Despite being very sensitive off the top, the progressiveness and support gives the TUES the pop to get airborne easily – and helps keep your legs fresh during sprints, too.

Shock length (eye to eye) 267mm
Seatpost diameter 30,9mm
Steertube 1 1/8“
Rear axle 12 x 150
Bottom bracket Press Fit 30
Postmount 180

Our focus in the development process has always been to create the perfect weight distribution and optimal rider position. Thanks to its low center of gravity and the size-specific chainstay lengths it is easy to point the TUES where you want to go: you feel centered in the bike and ready to load up the tires while hitting berms. The slack headangle and the generous reach keep you in control on any track even at high speed, while the progressivity of the suspension will get you truly hooked on airtime. With this pinpoint balance of agility, control, and stability, the TUES has what it takes to inspire you – just like it did Angel and Andreu.

For 2018, YT Tailor Made is taking things a step further. Thanks to the 5 available sizes and the low seat tube heights across the whole TUES range, riders can choose between 2 to a maximum of 3 sizes that match their body dimensions. This allows you to choose exactly the reach that you prefer to ride, from strictly moderate to extra-long. It's like your bike was tailormade for you.

Sizes   S   M   L   XL   XXL  
A Toptube length  584 mm 606 mm 633 mm 659 mm 682 mm
B Reach  410 mm 429 mm 452 mm 474 mm 495 mm
C Stack  601 mm 605 mm 614 mm 621 mm 636 mm
D Seattube length  400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 420 mm 420 mm
E Chainstay length  435 mm 435 mm 435 mm 440 mm 440 mm
F Headtube angle  63,5 ° 63,5 ° 63,5 ° 63,5 ° 63,5 °
G Seattube angle (eff.)  73,5 ° 73,5 ° 73,5 ° 73,5 ° 73,5 °
H BB Drop   7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm
I Wheelbase  1199 mm 1220 mm 1248 mm 1278 mm 1302 mm
J Headtube length  100 mm 105 mm 115 mm 123 mm 129 mm
K BB height  351 mm 351 mm 351 mm 351 mm 351 mm
Standover height  707 mm 709 mm 714 mm 723 mm 727 mm

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