Notice regarding laws applying to electrical equipment and electronics (“ElektroG”) and batteries (“BattG”)

1. Disposal of batteries according to BattG

The symbol of the crossed-out wheelie bin identifies batteries that contain harmful substances which obliges you as a consumer to dispose of them properly. Used batteries may contain harmful substances which, if not properly stored or disposed of, could damage the environment and your health. In addition, batteries contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel, which can be recycled after you return the batteries. For this reason, you must not dispose of batteries with household waste, but must return them after use to a specialty store, at a municipal collection point or to us at the following address: YT Industries GmbH, Pilatus Campus 9, 91353 Hausen.

Note that we only take back batteries that are part of our current or historical range of products. In addition, we only take used batteries back in a quantity that corresponds to the normal consumption of each single end user.

2. Disposal of used appliances according to ElektroG

As a consumer, you are also obliged to dispose of used electric and electronic equipment appropriately. Return all such equipment to a designated local collection point or a specialist shop after you are done with it. The closest collection point to you can be located here.

3. Manufacturer Registration Numbers YT Industries GmbH

As a manufacturer under the definition of ElectroG we are registered in the following countries under the following registration numbers, respectively:

WEEE – Reg. Nr. DE 31782554
BBattery – Registration number Federal Office of the Environment: 21008555

WEE / MM7954AA

WEEE – Reg. Nr.: GLN 9008391856399

WEEE – Reg. Nr.: IT19030000011269
Battery – Reg. Nr.: IT19030P00005217

WEEE: RII-AEE – Nr. 6898
Battery: RII-PyA – Nr. 1846

WEEE: Official Collection Service El-Kretsen:
Certificate Nr.: SFS 2014:1075, 2014:1078
Download Certificate

Battery: Official Collection Service El-Kretsen:
Certificate Nr.: SFS 2008:834
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